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Design my sound

Icoustic Sound Absorption is an acoustic contractor with one specialisation: seamless acoustic spray plasters. We support you and your team with the right advice, brainstorm with you about the practical aspects and implement the appropriate acoustic solution. This can be for one particular room or the entire building or project.

Sound absorption thanks to acoustic spray plasters

Icoustic is advice, guidance and contracting all rolled into one for seamless acoustic spray plasters. We personalise your sound and ambient noise to match how you want to optimally experience tones and acoustics. Thanks to Icoustic’s sound-absorbing total solutions, you can control, direct, muffle and accentuate sound. Acoustic spray plasters provide a very personal sound experience, depending on the room and its specific needs.

Sound absorption versus soundproofing

Sound absorption ensures a pleasant sound within the room; soundproofing stops the transmission of sound between rooms. At Icoustic, we specialise in sound-absorbing spray plasters. These acoustic spray plasters contribute to an optimal sound experience in any room. They remove echoes and reverberations and improve speech intelligibility. Because that’s what it’s all about - the effect sound has on you and your environment.


Focus, quality and training

Acoustics is and always will be a profession. Our professionals are not plasterers or painters; they’re true acoustics specialists with lots of experience. What they do requires the highest degree of specialisation, finesse and top-level talent. Thanks to continuous training and vertical integration within Icoustic Sound, a team like ours is not available anywhere else.


Standardisation and test reports

We are a registered contractor class 3D4 and VCA-certified. Our products also meet the highest standards. Tests carried out by independent laboratories on several occasions have shown that they guarantee excellent sound absorption, are environmentally friendly, and have excellent fire reaction properties. Their robust technical properties, ease of installation, and the wide choice of colours and textures make our acoustic ceiling plasters the appropriate choice for any room.


An acoustic project originates around the table. Do you have a question or project in mind? Contact us, we’ll drop by.