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Design my sound


Acoustic design contractor

Thanks to the acoustic solutions Icoustic offers you can control, direct, suppress, accentuate and do anything else you want with your sound. Icoustic will create an extremely personal sound experience for you, based on your space and its specific requirements. You can count on us for the complete coordination and realisation of your acoustic project, from advice and a preliminary study through to project support and installation, as well as all aftercare.

We know acoustics

Icoustic means advising, supporting and contracting in a single package. And in a single specialist field too - installing acoustic spray plasters in order to improve the sound absorption. We personalise your sound and the ambient sound so that it matches the optimal way in which you wish to experience tone and acoustics.

And make it happen

Icoustic is unique in the marketplace, because we are one of the only companies to provide a combination of advice, work, delivery and everything in between. We are independent operators, not tied to manufacturers or systems, and we will find the best system for your requirements.


The looks of your sound absorption

My sound, but also my finish, since you determine the texture: from very rough to ultra-smooth. Moreover, you are free to choose from any of the available RAL colours. Perfection is an absolute must for the finish of our seamless solution. Choose from three types of systems: level-direct, level-suspended or form-free.

Rough spray structure structuur-grof.jpg

Rough spray structure


Medium-fine spray structure structuur-middel.jpg

Medium-fine spray structure

ThermoCon® SB

Fine spray structure structuur-fijn.jpg

Fine spray structure

ThermoCon® FC

Smooth spray structure FADE_GladdeSpuitstructuur.jpg

Smooth spray structure

Fade® Acoustic Ceiling

Sample box

Request a sample box to see samples of our latest finishes and colours. That will allow you to already visually assess the quality of the product. We will be happy to explain the acoustic qualities on the basis of your specific case and our calculations.

Focus on the world

We can provide acoustic solutions throughout Western Europe from our bases in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Contact my-team

An acoustics project starts with a careful concept. If you have any questions or are thinking of a specific project, contact us and we’ll come by.