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Acoustic projects

Icoustic offers advice on and implements acoustic solutions in a range of sectors. View our projects and contact us if you have any acoustic issues. KVUC - Copenhagen Adult Education_1.jpg KVUC - Copenhagen Adult Education.jpg IMG_1679-Edit.jpg IMG_1675.jpg Holmens Kanal_1.jpg Holmens Kanal.jpg Holmens Kanal_2.jpg Vadehavscentret_3.jpg Vadehavscentret_2.jpg Vadehavscentret_1.jpg Vadehavscentret.jpg 07_082_3XN_GXN_058_L.jpg 07_082_3XN_GXN_039_L.jpg LUCENTGE-06 2.jpg Big Tex Storage.jpg Campbell Ewald.jpg Texture Museum of Flax and River Lys.jpg Minges Natatorium.jpg Windsor HSA.jpg LUCENTGE-03.jpg LUCENTGE-08.jpg Museum of Natural Curiosity.jpg Museum of Natural Curiosity_1.jpg Museum of Natural Curiosity_2.jpg Perot Museum of Nature and Science.jpg Perot Museum of Nature and Science_1.jpg Stadion.jpg

Contact my-team

An acoustics or fireproofing project starts with a careful concept. If you have any questions or are thinking of a specific project, contact us and we’ll come by.