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Next-gen systems

The R&D departments of our leading suppliers don't sit still. New products are being launched and existing products receive an upgrade. We are independent of manufacturers and systems. However, we consciously choose to enter into long-term partnerships with manufacturers of proven high-performance systems. Based on your specific needs, we select the best system. Thanks to our advice and implementation, and the products we work with, you will end up enjoying a warm sound temperature in every room.


Working with only the best materials is the reason we only deliver the best results 


Icoustic ThermoCon®


Icoustic ThermoCon® is a next-generation acoustic system that provides excellent sound absorption and less reverberation in any space where it is used. The fireproof and environmentally friendly spray plaster can be applied to any type of surface, wall or ceiling. So what makes it unique? Its seamless nature, the limitless range of colours and the three types of finishes, from smooth to rough in various thicknesses.


The Icoustic ThermoCon® acoustic spray plaster is perfect for sports halls, industrial spaces, stations, indoor swimming pools, schools and anywhere else. The emulsion of the cellulose fibres and the adhesive are applied very easily to a wall or ceiling using a sprayer. The thicker the layer, the more sound is absorbed. Three types are available – standard, fine or a smoothed spray structure in a very wide range of colours.

  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Seamless 
  • Quick installation 
  • Can be applied to any type of surface
  • Fire-retardant
  • Helps to prevent condensation
  • Various colours available
  • Natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Damaged parts can be repaired

Icoustic Fade® Seamless Acoustic Ceilings


Icoustic Fade® Seamless Acoustic Ceilings can be fitted to any type of wall or ceiling. It can also be installed as a suspended system with a plenum space. Thanks to the various finishes available, your acoustic system will be tailored to your requirements. So what are its unique properties? This seamless and fireproof system offers excellent sound absorption and can be attached to any surface. Opt for a smooth, seamless plaster structure, applied directly on a solid surface, as a hanging system or on curved structures.

  • Excellent sound absorption 
  • Seamless 
  • Can be applied to any type of surface
  • Wide choice of finishes
  • Fireproof
  • Natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable (cradle to cradle bronze)
  • Can be used as a suspended system concealing installations
  • Innovative in high-end finishes (ultra-flat)
  • Damaged parts can be repaired
  • Icoustic Sound is an accredited installer

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