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Design my sound

Our core business always has an impact upon the visual perception of your space, which is why we consider it our obligation to devote much attention to design by selecting the right finish, colour and grain size so that the existing design aspects are not undermined in any way, but are actually accentuated.

In different ways acoustics are very personal – both when it comes to the wishes of the people occupying a space and the requirements that the space itself imposes on the sound. After all, what it’s all about is what effect sound has on me and my environment. At Icoustic Sound we design an acoustic solution that belongs to both the people in the space and the space itself, both with respect to sound temperature and visually.


We understand sound, which is not an easy feat. That's because every desired sound temperature will vary according to the space and requires extensive studies and exact calculations in order to correctly implement it in each of those locations. The best advice and sophisticated workmanship for acoustic comfort is not exceptional for Icoustic, it’s the rule.


Icoustic Sound means advising, supporting and contracting in a single package. And in a single specialist field too - installing acoustic spray plasters in order to improve the sound absorption. We personalise your sound and the ambient sound so that it matches the optimal way in which you wish to experience tone and acoustics. Thanks to the total acoustic solutions Icoustic Sound offers you can control, direct, suppress, accentuate and do anything else with your sound. Icoustic Sound will create an extremely personal sound experience for you, according to your space and its specific requirements.
Acoustics is and remains a very specific phenomenon which is not easy to control. As a specialist, we base our advice for your particular situation and/or needs on years of experience, facts and figures. Based on the measurements which we carry out in advance, we will propose a solution which comprises solid figures, the chosen product and the application.
The R&D departments of our leading suppliers don't sit still. New products are being launched and existing products receive an upgrade. Icoustic Sound deliberately opts for efficient products and state-of-the-art installation techniques.


An integrated acoustic solution goes beyond technology. In addition to the technical qualities, we also attach special importance to the visual qualities of the end-result. At Icoustic Sound, you decide on the colour, texture and look of the sound-absorbing solution. Clear, taut and architectural or tinted, warm and finely textured. You decide, in consultation with us or your architect, what solution is best for your space.  

With regard to colour and special effects, anything is possible. You can choose from RAL or NCS colors for Icoustic Fade® Acoustic Ceilings. Based on other colours and/or materials present in the interior or based on particular corporate colours, we can together see which finish colour will guarantee the best end-result


My sound, and also my finish. Because you can choose the texture you want, from very rough to ultra-smooth – we apply the final layer to your project, the layer everybody sees every day. Nothing can or may be applied over the acoustic plaster, which naturally means that perfection is an absolute must for the finish of our seamless solution.


You can count on us for the complete coordination and realisation of your acoustic project, from advice and a preliminary study through to project support and installation, as well as all aftercare. Our highly skilled team also performs all the work itself. The field of acoustics is an art in itself, and our experts aren’t plasterers or painters, they are true acoustics specialists with a great deal of experience. Thanks to continuous training and vertical integration in Icoustic Sound, a team such as ours is unique.
My-team is the call sign of Icoustic Sound’s support team. Engineers, project leaders and administrative staff are all available to you for dealing with studies, acoustic calculations, technical questions and any other acoustic advice. Certificates, proof of acoustic values, fire certificates and other paperwork – we’ll handle it all for you. And meanwhile, on the site itself, we offer you practical support under our motto of ‘always available’.

Contact my-team

An acoustics or fireproofing project starts with a careful concept. If you have any questions or are thinking of a specific project, contact us and we’ll come by.